Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care

We expect much from our students in terms of personal standards, discipline and attitude. In return we offer students an environment where they feel safe, secure and valued. We know that our students will face many challenges during their time at the Academy, and we believe that our pastoral system provides excellent care, guidance and support.

Students and staff belong to one of six Learning Communities. In Phase 1 pastoral care is delivered by the class teacher. In Phase 2 and the Sixth Form, each community is divided into Learning Groups of no more than 18, supported by a personal tutor or Learning Guide.

The Class Teacher or Learning Guide gets to know the individual student’s interests, skills and needs. They work with the student and their parents/carers to personalise their learning, ensuring the student develops the skills needed for effective learning. The members of a Learning Group or Class will support and guide each other, sharing experiences and knowledge. We believe that students encouraging one another and offering peer support will further motivate students to succeed. In addition the Learning Communities are used to develop student leadership, competitions, performances and enterprise activities.

Learning Reviews take place throughout the Academy year. In Phase 1 these are meetings with the Class Teacher. In Phase 2 and the Sixth Form Learning Guides receive information from subject teachers and provide feedback to students and their parents/carers on progress made. Discussions involving the Class Teacher or Learning Guide, parents/carers and students result in Personal Learning Programmes being developed.

Time is also given to emotional and spiritual development. Class Teachers and Learning Guides help the students in their care to develop their social, moral and spiritual outlook; this is further reinforced through a weekly Assembly programme.

We encourage our students to take on additional responsibilities to develop their self-confidence, leadership and presentation skills. These include getting involved in the Learning Community and Academy Student Councils, being a Student Ambassador or Student Receptionist and taking part in assemblies and special Academy events.

To find out more about Oasis Academy Hadley, and the support we offer our students, please watch our video by clickin the image below.


We use an innovative reward system called VIVOs that enables you to cash in on your VIVOs and exchange them for a wide range of prizes, including reward trips. You can earn VIVOs for 100% attendance, achievement and effort in class, participating in after school clubs or representing the Academy. Teachers log your VIVOs and you can then spend your hard-earned points on the stuff you really want; like mobile top-up credit, sports equipment, leisure equipment, games and ticket discounts.

VIVO website

Visit the VIVO website (www.vivoedge.com) to see how many VIVOs you have been awarded and what you can buy with your credits.

Celebration of Rewards

As you pass certain thresholds in collecting VIVOs your success will also be celebrated in the following ways.

  • 25 Vivos text message home
  • 50 Vivos postcard
  • 100 Vivos Letter and badge
  • 200 Vivos Certificate
  • 300 Vivos Bronze Certificate front of the queue for week
  • 400 Vivos Silver Certificate front of the queue for rest of term
  • 500 Vivos Gold Certificate front of the queue for rest of year
  • 750 Vivos Diamond Certificate Special Lunch
  • 1000 Vivos Certificate and Special Award
  • 2000 Vivos Annual Reward trip