Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Phase 2 - Hadley Points

We use a reward system called Hadley Points which enables you to cash in on your points and exchange them for a wide range of prizes, including reward trips and events. You can earn Hadley Points for 100% attendance, achievement and effort in class, participating in after school clubs or representing the Academy. Teachers log your Hadley Points and you can then spend your hard-earned points on the stuff you really want; like snacks, sports equipment, leisure equipment, games and ticket discounts.

How Hadley Points are awarded

Log into the MCAS app to see how many Hadley Points you have been awarded and what you can buy with your credits.

Below shows all of the ways you can receive Hadley Points:

H1 Great start to the lesson
Excellent presentation of work
Completing piece of work to high standards
Active listening
Great behaviour
Hadley Way
Good teamwork
Good independent learning
Good leadership
Positive contribution to lesson
Excellent effort
Being courteous to others
Being kind / supportive to another student
H5 Excellent achievement throughout lesson
Excellent effort throughout lesson
Excellent contribution to the lesson
Excellent work in book
H10 Consistently outstanding work
Achieving end of unit target / good progress across unit of work
Attending lunchtime and after school clubs regularly
100% attendance
H20 100% attendance and no C points for each week
Exceptional work
Student of the week
H30 Commitment and Services to Community / Academy
Half term commitment to Academy / Community
H50 Good progress over a half term (all green on your report)
H75 Excellent progress over half a term (all platinum on your report)
H200 Exceptional Achievement Award over a year

Hadley Shop

Phase 2 Hadley Shop

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