Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Life Day

Our Life Day programme is a vibrant addition to the curriculum which engages students in workshops, lectures, trips and visits.

A unique aspect of learning at Hadley is Life Day. Students at Hadley can expect a wide range of varied activities over the course of the year.

The students' learning experience on Life Day is broad, holistic and exciting involving theme days, trips, external visitors and external visitors and interactive student led activities.

Students who actively participate receive a certificate at the end of the day recognising their achievement. Students who attend every session and participate fully receive an end of term Life Day Certificate of Achievement.

Below is an example of a typical Life Day.

Life Day Example Timetable

Year 7 and 8

Date Year 7 Year 8
Thursday  Healthy Lifestyles:

Inter-community competition

Building Hadley Character

Trip 2
London Docklands Museum
National History Museum
Geography Field Trip
Healthy Relationships:
Puberty and adolescence
Keeping Safe:
Activity: Cyber safety mobile phones
Healthy Relationships
Body image
Financial Management:
How to organise a budget
What is banking?
Ways to save money in the 21st Century
Equalities Education:
Activity: Mutual respect

How do we make our academy a welcoming place for people of different backgrounds? 

Trip 3
Science Museum
British Museum
Olympic Park
Managing Pocket money, Principles of saving, spending and giving to charity
Community and the wider world:
Sustainable Products & Recycling
How to build a sustainable Business
Trip 3
London Docklands Museum
Natural History Museum
Geography Field Trip
Healthy Lifestyles:
Personal Hygiene
How to train for an event
Community Competition and Rewards Day
Community Competition and Sports Day