Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Hadley Heroes


Hadley Heros Learning Behaviours

In Phase 1, we have created the ‘Hadley Heros’. Each hero represents a learning behaviour that children need, to be successful in their learning. These learning behaviours will be a central part of your children’s curriculum.

Children receiving the most RIC-RAC points will be celebrated in Assembly every week.

Resilient Ruya

Never gives up. Even when a challenge may seem tricky she endeavours to succeed and tries her best. Ruya will always attempt every task on her own first. She may ask her teacher to help her, but knows that the task and activity is achievable and she will succeed if she keeps trying!

Independent Idris

Is an independent learner and he takes responsibility for his learning. He is always quick to start tasks in the classroom and he makes sure he completes them to his best ability. At home, Idris reads every day and always completes his homework on time.

Cooperative Christopher

Knows the importance of teamwork. He works with his friends and adults to achieve.

Christopher is a good listener – he always listens to his teacher and classmates and never calls out.

Responsive Rebecca

Is very responsive. She always responds with green pen to the feedback in her books as she knows this will help her learning.

Aspirational Asya

Is aspirational and has high expectations. She is always prepared for the Academy day with her book bag, P.E kit and reading book. She always wears the correct uniform with pride.

Courageous Cihan

Challenges himself and he takes appropriate risks. Cihan never shy's away from a challenge and never chooses the simplest task to complete in lessons as he knows this will not help his learning. He knows that if he finds it difficult, he can use his RICRAC superhero's to help him succeed

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RICRAC Exchange

Each half term, children in Phase 1 are able to exchange their RICRAC points for prizes.

Phase 1 Exchange