Entrepreneurs present at the Annual Meeting

Entrepreneurs present at the Annual Meeting

Our Entrepreneurs (who are now in Year 10) presented at the Community Hertsmere Annual General Meeting.

They were invited to give a presentation as the winners of the Dragons competition, where they raised more than £700 for charity. They did their presentation in front of an audience of 100 adults.

 They did a 5 minute presentation in their delivery they included:

  • Introducing the team - the roles they played – for example Chair, Marketing Lead, Finance Lead etc
  • The projects that the team ran to raise money for the Charity
  • What went well during the Challenge
  • What they learnt from the experience

At the end of the meeting students were congratulated on their professional presentation. They also go to meet the local mayor and councillors., where they chatted about their future educational aspirations.  

They are: Mohsin, Bidemi, Semay, Yushana and Faysal