Results Day – Excellent grades achieved at Oasis Academy Hadley

Results Day – Excellent grades achieved at Oasis Academy Hadley

The wait for GCSE results is over as students across the country returned to school to collect their grades from their examinations earlier this summer.

1.    Students make excellent progress from starting point

2.    Even more students have received grades 5 or above than before

The young people of Oasis Academy Hadley had much to celebrate as they secured the school’s best ever results.

The grading of GCSEs has changed. Nearly all GCSEs are now marked with a new scale from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade.  Broadly the same proportion of students will get a grade 4 or above as would have got a grade C or above in the previous system. 

55% of students at Oasis Academy Hadley have achieved a 4 or above in English and maths this year, an improvement of 2% on last year.  As a consequence of this success, more students that before have gained entrance requirements to the hugely successful  Oasis Academy Sixth Form.

Attainment was particularly good in Psychology where 81% achieved 4 or above, and a number of other subjects was particularly strong. 100% of students achieved a pass grade or above in Dance, 94% passed Business while 46% secured the very highest grades in Physics

So many students achieved superb individual results. Here are just a few

Nhikkol Ducci achieved Grade 9s (English Language, History, Psychology and Chemistry), 3 Grade 8s (Biology, English Literature, Maths) and 2 Grade 7s (Physics and Health and Social Care.

Speaking of her results Nhikkol Ducci said; “I am so happy, excited, lots of emotions and relief everything it turned out well!”

Here she is opening her results with her friend Farhyia Abdi who achieved Grade 9s (Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics), Grade 8s (Biology, English Language, English Literature and Geography) and Grade 7s (Business and Psychology).

Tamjid Miah achieved Grade 9s (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology) Grade 8s (English Literature and History), Grade 7 (Sociology) and Grade 6 (English Language). Here is celebrating his results.

Ali Solak and his sister Sultan Solak achieved excellent results too. Ali got Grade 9s (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Turkish), Grade 8s (English Literature, Geography and Mathematics) and Grade 7s (Business). Sultan achieved Grade 9s (English Literature, Art and Turkish), Grade 8s (Business, English Literature, Geography, and both Sciences), Grade 7s (English Language, Mathematics, Psychology Geography and Business).

Commenting on Oasis Academy Hadley’s results, Associate Principal Zoë Thompson says;

“We are thrilled for our young people who have worked so hard and deserve these results.  At Oasis Academy Hadley we have a team of skilled and dedicated teachers who are passionate about providing students with the support and opportunities that enable them to achieve academic success, and this year more students than ever will have gained entrance to our successful sixth Form.”