The Poetry Games Truth or Dare Results

The Poetry Games Truth or Dare Results

This term, students at Oasis Academy Hadley had the opportunity to take part in another national writing competition: The Poetry Games.

Students had the option of either writing a poem for Team Truth (a poem from the heart, revealing or sharing their thoughts and emotions) or Team Dare (students opt to speak up, voice an opinion or campaign for what they believed in).

Overall Winners: Melike, Year 8 and Kamila, Year 8

Gates: Sophie Sauboorah, Year 8 and Mary Vita, Year 7

Lennox: Elijah Beckford, Year 8 and Ashlee Ukah, Year 9

Pascal: Serife Babir, Year 7 and Nikki Lanyoh, Year 10

Somerville: Hazal Tatar, Year 7 and Naomi Wilson-White, Year 9
Sugar: Jessica Henry, Year 8 and Sahin Elidemir, Year 7
Wonder: Emir Yardimsevenler, Year 8 and Kasifat Akadi, Year 8