Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Hadley celebrates science week

Oasis Academy Hadley celebrates science week

Oasis Academy Hadley celebrates science week after coming out of lockdown to boost the morale of students.

Oasis Academy Hadley is an all-through family school in North London, Enfield, where children at every key stage from ages 2 to 19  are given the opportunity to move seamlessly through the education system and make great progress.

After the most recent lockdown, students all across the country were hugely impacted and consequently lost a large amount of in person education time. Following the most recent lockdown, the science department at Oasis Academy Hadley put together a science fair for their year 7 students in order to boost the morale of the students and create a buzz of excitement around the academy.

Students were given two weeks post returning to somewhat normality to plan, prepare and create their pieces and projects which included some amazing ideas such as mobile phone holders, assisted paper aeroplane shooters, hamster cages and many more inventions.

The most notable invention was brought forth by four year 7 students who named themselves “The Solution Squad”. The dynamic group of students managed to create an all powered robot arm using hydraulics. The inspiration came through visiting arcades and playing games involving hydraulics and claw machines.

Neela, one of the group members said, “During the process of creating the all powered robot arm, there were times where it didn’t look like things were going to work out but through hard work and listening to our teacher, we were able to get the job done in the end.”

Godwin added, “We learnt from our mistakes throughout the entire process and we never gave up. This has given me the passion and desire to make more inventions both at school and at home.” The year 7 student also went on to say that, “we learnt the importance of power pressure and how water pressure is able to move objects.”

The science fair allowed students from all year groups to come and witness some of the great inventions that were on show. Students were also able to vote for which one of the inventions was their favourite and submit their vote to be counted by the year 7 science department. The winner was later announced and a prize was awarded for their efforts.

Mr Owusu, STEM Co-ordinator at Oasis Academy Hadley was the brains behind the initiative and was extremely proud of the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm shown by both the students and the teachers as well. He said, “I was surprised at the level of engagement shown by the students especially considering we had just come out of lockdown but at the same time I was very proud of what they managed to put together in the time frame given.”

The Science fair was a huge success; record number of students came through to partake in the fair and to vote for their favourite invention. The event was graced by the presence of Principal, Zoe Thompson who spent time speaking to each group about what inspired them to make what they made. Speaking at the event, Zoe Thompson said “The level of creativity shown by the group of year 7 students is remarkable and I look forward to seeing many more of these projects even across other departments in the academy.”


Written by Henry Agyeman
Cluster Communications Officer (Enfield & Hadley)