Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We are proud that our sixth form is number one for sixth form progress in the Enfield borough in 2019 government league tables.

The number of students shown for each type of qualification is the number who entered at our Academy in the last academic year. Some students are included in more than one group - for example, a student who studied an A level will be counted both in 'A Levels' and 'Academic Qualifications.

  Progress Score Average Result Points Retention
  Academy England Academy England Academy England  
A Levels 0.15 TBC C C+ 31.25 34.01 TBC
Academic Qualifications 0.15 TBC C C+ 31.25 34.33 TBC
Applied Academic Qualifications 0.48 TBC Dist- Merit+ 32.61 28.91 TBC
Tech Level - -         TBC
English Progress 0.67 0.13          
Maths Progress 0.47 0.08          

The percentage of students who continued to higher education after KS5 is well above average with 94% of our students choosing to progress onto higher education and 89% of students gaining a place at a Russell Group and top third university.  100% of our students leave KS5 to continue in education, training or employment.